Digital Policies

Freight and Shipping
All freight and shipping is insured to the point where you take full possession with the goods intact.  All goods are insured prior to the point.
Freight and shipping is performed by 3rd party contractors and therefore we do not fully control this function.  In the event of breakages, K-Biz will arrange a refund or other compensation.

Privacy Policy
At K-Biz, we do our utmost to protect and respect your privacy. In general, you can expect that personally identifiable information you submit to us, whether through our website, email or other communication, is treated as confidential.

For email communications, your email address is used only to send you the requested information and/or other periodical updates if requested. Your address will never be shared with any other party in any form.

We take great care to ensure that information on this site is accurate and up-to-date – however, we cannot guarantee that this information will be correct at all times, or is fit for any particular purpose.

Your use of this publicly available information is at your discretion.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on this website is the property of K-Biz, and may not be reproduced without prior permission.

You may share content from this site for personal, non-commercial use, or for journalism or review purposes – please provide a refrence link to this website with any published material.